We are Nexoforge

We are the team of industry innovators behind an embedded platform targeting Inductive Automation’s Ignition as an appliance for integrators and end users.
The embedded platform is designed and built specifically as an Ignition appliance and allows users to deploy a gateway without the headaches of traditional manual maintenance. This solves many reliability and security concerns, and makes it easier / more cost effective to maintain existing deployments.
Deployment is easier than ever as no software needs to be installed; everything is pre-loaded with versions coordinated for maximum security and reliability in less time. Just load the device configuration and restore an Ignition gateway or project backup – that’s all there is to it.

    Team Nexoforge


Terry Dingwall

Will Mapp
Marketing Director

Aaron Moore
Hardware Architect

Nicola La Gloria
Head of Software

Jake Brand

Kyle Chase
Industry Advisor