Introducing the NXF-2100 Gateway IIoT Appliance 

NXF-2100 is an IIoT gateway appliance that has been engineered from the ground up to meet industrial standards and provide high performance IIoT computing capabilities in industrial environments.

Reliability is at the heart of the design, based around the industrial workhorse i.MX6Q processor from NXP. It is powered by four ARM Cortex-A9 cores each running at 1.0 Ghz. This industrial grade processor is used in industrial control systems, robotic motion cells, and automotive systems that demand the highest level of reliability and performance.

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Powerful Device Management Interface Middleware 

The NXF Device Management Interface “DMI” is a powerful middleware between Ignition and the operating system, developed by Nexoforge. It’s a powerful enabler for faster IIoT deployments, eliminating wasted time and money setting up and maintaining field boxes.

the NXF-2100 Gateway SPECS 


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