The NXF device management interface has a terminal-less comprehensive graphical interface to configure the system. This middle layer software is the glue between the underlying operating system and the Ignition Gateway which comes pre-installed. NXF enables easy repeatable configuration, monitoring, and secure updates to the system while keeping customer data secured on a separate internal SSD.

NFX System recovery:

The NXF 2100 features a special recovery partition which replicates critical software components like Ignition and MySQL. These components can be restored any time to revert any unwanted changes ensuring a stable and repeatable platform.

To minimize downtime, the system will also detect a new mSATA disk and restore these critical application components in order to start up with a completely functional system.

Nexoforge Systems Updates

Full System Updates (FSU) are provided by Nexoforge covering the core operating system and critical application components including Ignition and MySQL. These updates can be applied by system integrators on-site using a USB update tool. This provides up-to-date systems with reliable, secure operation and compatibly that is pre-tested to minimize downtime.

Nexoforge also provides signed service pack system updates to easily update the system runtime. Service packs are secure signed archives which can be download from Nexoforge and installed from the device management interface (DMI).

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