The Reseller Partner Program

Join our Partner Network and gain access to a wide range of benefits and resources as well as plenty of rewards which will ensure a long lasting success

Are you looking for ways to unlock new and exciting revenue potential on a global scale with your IIoT and Ignition offering, while differentiating your brand?

Then become a Nexoforge Reseller by joining our NXF Reseller Network and you will have the ability to grow your business in today’s IIoT market while being introduced to areas of new and unexplored opportunities.

The NXF Resellers are companies whose primary business model is based on delivering delivering Ignition, MQTT, or other IIoT products and services in order to meet the needs of customers. For that purpose, we will provide you with the unique Nexoforge products and services needed to access wider customer base all the while engaging in deeper connections with your current clients.

To become a NXF Reseller you will have to meet certain requirements for each of the levels we currently have – Registered, Silver, Gold and Diamond, while being given the opportunity to move up from one level to another. Following these requirements will ensure that you have the necessary tools and know-how needed to sell and support Nexoforge products and services, therefore having high-level interactions with existing and new clientele.

Being in the NXF Reseller Program also means that you’ll have your company name and logo listed on the Partners Page on as well as other sales and marketing material.